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Booking Your Shipment

Ship Skis requires that you ship your gear into your destination at least 1 business day prior to your first round of play. Once your order has been placed you will be emailed the shipping label(s), tracking link(s) and shipping itinerary.  You may arrange to ship your gear either one-way or round trip.  Each skier is responsible for making sure that their sticks are properly packed and labeled on the dates that you selected for pick up. From the moment your sticks are picked up to the time they deliver, our tracking team will monitor your shipment to ensure everything goes as planned. Once your gear arrives to the destination we will send you an email letting you know that your gear has arrived!

Shipping to Hotels and Resorts:
Prior to placing your order we recommend that you contact the destination to advise them of your shipment and your expected arrival date.  
Most packages being shipped to a hotel or resort will deliver to a centralized shipping area.  If you will be shipping out from one of these locations, we highly recommend that you ask the staff where your carrier (UPS or FedEx) typically pickup packages prior to leaving.  This way you can be sure as to where and by what time you will need to leave your gear prior to your departure. Please keep in mind that your pickup has already been scheduled for you, so the location does not need to make these arrangements for you.

*Please note that some pickup and drop-off locations may charge additional fees. These fees are not associated with our service and can vary by location.  We recommend that you call ahead to inquire if there are any associated handling fees. 

Adding Luggage:
Adding pieces of luggage to your order is easy.  Underneath the traveler section below the pickup and delivery dates is an option to select Luggage Count.  From the drop down you can select the number of pieces and choose between a Carry-On, Checked, or Over-sized bag. If you need help with selecting what size Luggage you should select, please place your mouse over the question mark in the size section for weights and dimensions.

Multiple Travelers:
The Traveler is the name of the person whose golf clubs you are shipping.  In case we need to contact the traveler about his or her shipment, please provide the correct email address and phone number in the traveler section. If you are booking a shipment for multiple travelers and would like each traveler to have his or her own shipment, please select "add traveler" and additional fields will populate. If you prefer to ship multiple bags under one name, you can simply select from the drop down in the "count" field underneath Traveler.

Multi-Leg Orders:
Let's say for example, you are shipping your gear from Point A to Point B, but you then want to ship your gear from Point C back to Point A. Using the "Round Trip" feature will not work in this scenario. In order to place a multiple leg order, you will need to create two (2) one-way shipments instead of (1) round-trip shipment.  Please note that Ship Skis does not offer discounts for Round-Trip orders, so by purchasing two One-Way shipment's you are not being charged any differently.

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