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Preparing For Pickup

Ship Skis is partnered with the world's largest logistics providers, such as UPS and FedEx to handle the actual shipping of your gear.  Once your order has been placed we will inform you of the specific carrier who will be handling your shipment (this information will also be provided on your shipping label).  

If you selected a pickup, the pickup will be scheduled to take place between the hours of 9 AM and 6 PM local time.  To avoid any pickup related issues, please have your package(s) available throughout the entire pickup window.  You will need to have your gear fully packaged and labeled prior to pickup.  Please ensure that your gear and/or luggage will be in an accessible area for the driver with the shipping label clearly visible for the driver to see. Generally speaking, most residential pickups will occur during the mid-to-late afternoon hours or early evening.  Business addresses will be picked up during normal business hours or with your daily pickup.  A signature is not required at time of pickup, nor do you have to be present at the time of pickup.  If a third party will be overseeing your gear for pickup such as a doorman or concierge, please advise them of the carrier who will picking up your gear and where the shipping label is located on your travel bag, case or box.  Should the pickup window not be a convenient option for you, please know that Ship Skis may cancel your pickup and assist you with finding a nearby drop off location.  

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