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Real-Time Tracking

Proactive Monitoring & Alerts 

We understand the importance of making sure that your sticks arrive to their destination on-time. Ship Skis monitors and tracks every package in-house by our team of tracking specialists.  If a member of our tracking team believes a shipment isn't where it should be at any point in time, we will contact the carrier to avoid any potential issues.  In the rare case that we have confirmed an issue has occurred with your shipment, we will bring this matter to your attention immediately.

While we do not send email notifications when your sticks are picked up, please be assured that our team of tracking specialists are monitoring all pickups for our customers.  
Once your gear has arrived at the destination, you will receive a notification via email that your sticks have made it to their destination! 

Track Online

You can also check on the latest tracking updates by clicking on your Ship Skis Tracking ID. Upon placing your order you will receive a confirmation email which will include your itinerary, shipping labels, and Tracking ID.  By clicking on the Tracking ID link, you will be taken directly to your order which will provide you with the latest tracking information and details.  If you need help with tracking your shipment or have questions regarding the status of your shipment, you may also contact our customer support team for further assistance.

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