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What if my shipment is delayed?

Shipping your gear ahead of time with Ship Skis is even more reliable than going straight to the logistics providers. However, we understand the chance for unforeseen delays in transit which may impact your plans. Being stuck on the mountain without your gear is far from ideal. Being empty handed, and with no reimbursement for rentals is even worse. At Ship Skis, we truly understand the importance of making sure your gear arrives to the destination on-time. Included with every shipment comes our $200 Shipment Protection Plan for any delayed item. This policy is designed to cover most, if not all of your out-of-pocket expenses while we work on getting your gear to you as quickly as possible. This plan is only to be used as a last resort should all of our attempts in expediting a package for delivery fail. For more details on our policy, please visit the Ship Skis Guarantee section of the support center.

*Please keep in mind winter weather can impact delivery dates when shipping your gear to the mountain. We highly encourage adding in additional days in transit when shipping to a potentially impacted area. Should you have any questions on transit time please feel free to reach out to our support team for assistance.


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